Who Played Sheriff Buford In Walking Tall?

Walking Tall is a 1973 American semibiographical action film of Sheriff Buford Pusser, a professional wrestler-turned-lawman in McNairy County, Tennessee, played by Joe Don Baker.

Who played Buford Pusser Walking Tall?

The film stars Bo Svenson as Buford Pusser, replacing Joe Don Baker who played Pusser in the first Walking Tall film. The on-screen title of the film is Part 2 Walking Tall: The Legend of Buford Pusser. The film would be followed in 1977 by Walking Tall: Final Chapter, also starring Svenson.

Was Walking Tall a true story?

Back in 1973, no one expected “Walking Tall” to be a hit. It was a stripped-down, ultra-violent revenge drama, based on the true story of Buford Pusser, the crusading Tennessee sheriff who defended justice swinging a serious piece of lumber.

Where was the 1973 Walking Tall movie filmed?

The elected officials of McNairy County, Tennessee, the setting of the movie, were so embarrassed by the national attention brought to the corrupt county that they refused to allow the movie to be shot there. It was consequently shot in neighboring Chester County.

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Did Buford Pusser really get cut up?

Struck by two rounds on the left side of his jaw, Pusser was left for dead. It took him 18 days and several surgeries to recover, but he finally pulled through.

Why did Joe Don Baker leave walking tall?

Joe Don Baker was originally expected to reprise the role of Buford Pusser before Bo Svenson was cast in the role. When the real-life Buford Pusser, who originally agreed to portray himself in this film, was tragically killed in a car crash before production began, Baker subsequently refused to reprise the Pusser role.

Who played in the remake of Walking Tall?

Walking Tall is a 2004 American action film directed by Kevin Bray. A remake of the 1973 film of the same name, it stars The Rock and Johnny Knoxville.

How many times was Buford Pusser shot?

Buford Pusser was sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, and was portrayed in the 1973 movie “Walking Tall.” The festival’s website says Pusser was elected McNairy County Sheriff in 1964 and that he was shot eight times, knifed seven times and “destroyed 87 whiskey stills in 1965 alone.”

How old was sheriff Buford Pusser when he died?

Steeves is the guy responsible for the massive Dodge and Sheriff-green Ford pick-up seen in Walking Tall. Director, Kevin Bray, was very specific about what the main cast would drive. The Rock’s truck, which becomes the Sheriff’s truck, is a Ford 150 modified for the film.

Did Buford Pusser have a black deputy?

First black Deputy to be hired by Tennesee Sherriff Buford Pusser. First black Deputy to be hired by Tennesee Sherriff Buford Pusser.

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What year was Walking Tall made?

When Pusser left the fair, he drove eight miles and was in the city of Lawton when his car crashed into an embankment, killing him. His family and close friends believe his crash was not an accident, but instead an orchestrated homicide. Since the police report said it was an accident, no charges were ever filed.

What country was Buford Pusser sheriff of?


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