Readers ask: Who Played Sheriff Harper On Laramie?

John Smith as Slim Sherman and Robert Fuller as Jess Harper on TV’s Laramie (1959-63).

Did Robert Fuller and John Smith get along?

Crawford, Jr., Stuart Randall, and later Spring Byington and Dennis Holmes. From their stint on Laramie, Smith and Robert Fuller developed a lifelong friendship, until Smith’s own death in early 1995.

Is Robert Fuller still alive today?

Today, actor Robert Fuller is retired and living in Texas. Robert Fuller was born Buddy Lee Simpson on July 29, 1933 in Troy, New York. Both of his parents were dance instructors. The Simpsons moved to Key West, Florida and Robert attended Miami Military Academy.

Why did Hoagy Carmichael leave Laramie?

Hoagy Carmichael’s contract was not renewed after the first season, and his character was eliminated with the explanation that he had accompanied Andy to boarding school in St. Because of declining ratings in its last season, Laramie was cancelled.

What happened to Robert Fuller’s first wife?

Like his best friends Julie London, Bobby Troup and James Drury, he used to be a heavy smoker until his first wife, Patricia Lyons, was diagnosed with cancer in 1984. From then on, he quit. With the death of John Smith, on January 25, 1995, Fuller and Robert Crawford, Jr.

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What happened to John Smith and Robert Fuller of Laramie?

On March 10, 2010, Fuller presented James Drury with the “Cowboy Spirit Award” at the Festival of the West. He also paid tribute to John Smith, who died fifteen years earlier on January 25, 1995, of cirrhosis of the liver and heart problems.

Did Robert Fuller do his own stunts on Laramie?

Having started as a stuntman, Bob insisted on doing most of his stunts himself. “When it came to stunts, the man I most patterned myself after was Jock Mahoney,” emphasized Fuller. “And when I found out during the second season he was going to be on Laramie, I couldn’t wait to meet him.

How tall is fuller of Laramie?

Outside of his work in film and television, Wilson and his fellow stuntman friend Frank McGrath were big hits together on the rodeo circuit (they also appeared at many prison rodeos). Wilson died at age 75 on March 30, 1999. He was survived by his wife Mary Ann Wilson and three children.

What ever happened to Robert Fuller?

A 24-year-old Black man who was found hanging from a tree in a park in Southern California last month died by suicide, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office said Thursday. Robert Fuller’s death was initially ruled a suicide, but that conclusion outraged his family, who insisted that he would not take his own life.

What happened to Miss Daisy on Laramie?

Death. On September 7, 1971, Byington died of cancer at her home in the Hollywood Hills.

Why did Robert Fuller leave wagon train?

In 1962, Robert Horton left the popular western Wagon Train after its fifth season. He wished to work more in musical theater. His character of Flint McCullough, the tough hero and scout of the slow moving caravan traveling from Missouri to California, was eventually replaced by another scout, Cooper Smith.

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What was the last episode of Laramie?

Ep 124 – The Road To Helena

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