Readers ask: What Motivates Sheriff Bell?

His desire to make right the actions from his past leads to his striving to protect the people of his community.

What does Sheriff Bell represent?

What Sheriff Bell’s Dreams Symbolize. Bell’s allegorical dreams truly encapsulate the meaning behind Ethan Coen’s No Country For Old Men. The retired sheriff doesn’t appear to give much thought to his first dream, but it symbolizes his lingering guilt over Moss’ death all the same.

Is Ed Tom Bell Anton Chigurh?

No Country for Old Men: Anton Chigurh and Sheriff Ed Tom Bell are the same person. This post contains minor spoilers. In No Country for Old Men, it’s pretty clear to me that Anton Chigurh (played by Javier Bardem) and Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (played by Tommy Lee Jones) are, in fact, the same person.

Who is Sheriff Bell’s wife?

He also has his wife, Loretta, whom he married when she was 18. He loves her, and he believes that he wouldn’t be able to do his job without her.

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What is the meaning of No Country for Old Man movie?

He notes that many lawmen in his area used to go without even carrying guns, and now that feels outdated. By the end of the film, Ed Tom is retired, his sense of law and order upended by the Moss affair, which means someone else now has to follow in his footsteps and become the next sheriff.

Why does sheriff Bell quit?

He goes to great lengths to protect Llewellyn Moss and Carla Jean, and put Anton Chigurh behind bars, but by the end of the novel, he recognizes his powerlessness over the forces of evil in the world, and retires from his duty as sheriff.

What haunts sheriff Bell from early in the text?

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell investigates the drug crime while trying to protect Moss and his young wife, with the aid of other law enforcement. Bell is haunted by his actions in World War II, leaving his incapacitated unit to die (having had no practical alternative), for which he received a Bronze Star.

Who gets the money in no country?

Chigurh got the money later. So after the crime scene had been closed up he went to the room, popped the lock, found the bag and was in the process of leaving when Bell shows up the second time. I’m still a bit uncertain where he was hiding but he was clearly near-by as you saw him in the shadows.

Why does Llewelyn Moss go back?

Moss likely feels guilty about leaving the man out in the desert in extraordinarily pitiable circumstances, and this is no doubt why he decides to leave his house and return to the scene of the crime with a jug of water for the man.

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What type of man is Llewelyn Moss?

A Vietnam Veteran, Llewellyn Moss is a strong willed and self-sufficient man. Moss stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and takes a briefcase full of drug money from the scene.

What is Anton Chigurh’s philosophy?

As opposed to an orientation that posits God as the ultimate judge, he believes only in choice, chance, and fate. He sometimes preaches his philosophy before killing his victims, leaving the ultimate decision of whether the individual lives or dies to a coin toss.

Who is chigurh work for?

Chigurh is hired by the Americans to retrieve their money. Once he’s killed half of Texas, and brought a whole lot of unwanted attention on himself, all while failing to actually retrieve the money, the Americans get scared that Chigurh has gone nuts or may get caught and lead back to them.

Who is the old man at the end of a month in the country?

As the novel ends, Birkin realizes that the original painter fell to his death in the church before finishing the painting. When Moon uncovers the lost grave, they also realize that the damned man in the painting is none other than the excommunicated ancestor of Miss Hebron.

What is the weapon Anton Chigurh uses?

His signature weapon is a captive bolt stunner, which he uses to kill his victims and also as a tool to shoot out door locks. He also wields a sound-suppressed Remington 11-87 semiautomatic shotgun and pistol (as well as a TEC-9 in the film adaptation).

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