Quick Answer: Who Was The Sheriff Of Tombstone In 1882?

Sadie left Tombstone for San Francisco in early 1882, and Wyatt Earp followed her to San Francisco, where they began a lifelong relationship that lasted 46 years. Behan was arrested for graft and later failed to win re-election as sheriff.

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Who was sheriff of Tombstone in 1885?

An overview of Bisbee in the 1880s. AHS #15934. Jerome Ward as sheriff of Tombstone.

Was Clay Hollister a real sheriff?

Tombstone Territory featured Sheriff Clay Hollister (Pat Conway), a fictional character who resembled the real-life lawman in every way but his name. Episodes were presented as “an actual account” from the pages of the Tombstone Epitaph newspaper, narrated by editor Harris Claibourne (Richard Eastham).

Who was the sheriff of Tombstone in the 1880s?

Fred White, Tombstone, Arizona’s first town marshal, was elected on January 6, 1880. In July, Wyatt Earp was appointed as a deputy sheriff for the county and two formed an alliance to protect the town, as well as a strong friendship.

Who was the sheriff in Tombstone before Wyatt Earp?

John Harris Behan was a lawman and politician who served as Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, during the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and was known for his opposition to the Earps. Hailing from Westport (now Kansas City), Missouri, Behan made his way to California as a young man, working as a freighter and a miner.

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What’s wrong with Wyatt’s wife in Tombstone?

In the 1880 United States Census Blaylock is listed as Wyatt’s wife though there is no record of a legal marriage. Blaylock was said to have suffered from headaches, and while in Tombstone, Arizona, she became addicted to laudanum, a then-common opiate and pain killer.

Does the Tombstone Epitaph still exist?

Tombstone Epitaph, Inc. The Tombstone Epitaph is a Tombstone, Arizona monthly publication that covers the history and culture of the Old West. Founded in January 1880 (with its first issue published on Saturday May 1, 1880), The Epitaph is the oldest continually published newspaper in Arizona.

Was there a Clay Hollister Sheriff of Tombstone Arizona?

Patrick Douglas Conway (January 9, 1931 – April 24, 1981) was an American actor best known for starring as Sheriff Clay Hollister on the Western television series Tombstone Territory (1957–1960).

How did Tombstone Arizona get its name?

It wasn’t long before homesteaders, cowboys, speculators, prospectors, lawyers, business people and gunmen headed to the area. Known as Goose Flats back then, a town site was situated near the mines in 1879 and was named Tombstone due to the first claim of silver mining by Ed Schiefflelin.

Where is Fred White buried?

But two months later on December 28, friends of the slain outlaws retaliated, ambushing Virgil. They shot him in the back, hitting him with three shotgun rounds, shattering his left arm and leaving him permanently maimed.

Where is Sheriff Behan buried?

According to the Earp family mythology, Peacemaker can only be wielded by the Earp heir when they turn 27, which is currently Wynonna.

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