Quick Answer: Who Plays Sheriff Keller?

Tom Keller is a recurring character on The CW’s Riverdale. He is portrayed by Martin Cummins.

Are Martin Cummins and Casey Cott related?

“Riverdale” star Casey Cott had a blast filming the show’s flashback episode. And Cott says he didn’t have to study the actor who plays his father, Martin Cummins, much at all. “I feel like I’m around him enough that I kind of know how he operates,” Cott told INSIDER.

How old is Martin Cummins?

But until we know more, we’re not supporting a father who doesn’t seem to be caring for his son. Sheriff Keller isn’t evil — he’s just not very smart. Kevin’s dad is supportive of his sexual orientation, and it seems like they have a pretty good rapport. But surely, there’s a more competent sheriff out there.

Is Martin Cummins ill in real life?

Cummins, age 78 of Beavercreek, OH passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at Hospice of Dayton. He is an actor and director, known for Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), We All Fall Down (2000) and When Calls the Heart (2014).

Is Martin Cummins leaving when calls the heart?

He wasn’t sure what was next for him, but it wasn’t the “acquisition of more shiny objects.” He said it’s important to find what truly brings him comfort, and so he was leaving town to find it. With such a definitive departure, the news that he’s returning is surprising but welcome for fans.

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Who plays Mr Gowen on when calls the heart?

Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen on When Calls the Heart.

What is Martin Cummins?

Martin Cummins (born November 28, 1969) is a Canadian actor known for his role as Ames White in Dark Angel (2001–2002), and in Poltergeist: The Legacy.

Who plays Kevin’s dad in Riverdale?

Tom Keller is a recurring character on The CW’s Riverdale. He is portrayed by Martin Cummins. He is the father of Kevin Keller and the re-instated sheriff of Riverdale. He initially resigned from the position following the return of the Black Hood, who many believed was the deceased Joseph Svenson.

Is Sheriff Keller’s eyes green?

He Doesn’t Have Those Distinctive Green Eyes Sheriff Keller has light eyes, but not the incredibly specific dark green ones that are now burned into Archie’s memories.

Does Sheriff Keller get married?

Tom Keller With Sierra’s distant relationship with her husband and Sheriff Keller’s absentee wife, the two rekindled their high school fling, thus leading to them getting married.

Why did Joaquin leave Riverdale?

As the two of them continued to see each other, Joaquin began to show remorse for his deceitful ways. Following the revelation that Joaquin had a hand in the disposal of Jason’s body, he opted to leave town before the heat came down on him, as it did FP Jones, thus bringing an end to his relationship with Kevin.

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