Quick Answer: What’s The Movie Where Dwayne Johnson Was Sheriff Of The Casino?

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Walking Tall (2004 film)

Walking Tall
Produced by Ashok Amritraj Jim Burke Paul Schiff Lucas Foster
Starring The Rock Johnny Knoxville Neal McDonough Kristen Wilson Ashley Scott


Who owned the casino in Walking Tall?

After serving eight years with the Special Forces, Chris returns home to find his town in disarray: The lumber mill where his father worked has closed, with a crooked casino owned by Chris’s high school rival Jay Hamilton taking its place as the city’s main source of income and jobs.

Where was Walking Tall 2004 filmed at?

Although it was filmed in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, the setting of this 2004 film is in semi-rural Kitsap County, Washington and not in the McNairy County, Tennessee, where Buford Pusser originally served as a sheriff. The filming dates lasted from June 23, 2003 to September of 2003.

What is Walking Tall the movie about?

Plot. Amelia (Catherine Keener) and Laura (Anne Heche) are childhood best friends. Amelia is left feeling vulnerable when Laura and her boyfriend Frank (Todd Field) get engaged. She begins to date Bill (Kevin Corrigan), the local clerk at the video rental store she frequents.

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Is Johnny Knoxville bad in Walking Tall?

Audience Reviews for Walking Tall Instead the film is a disappointing action film with a meager cast. This film ends up being terrible, and being one of the worst action films in recent memory. I found it surprising to see Johnny Knoxville in a somewhat serious role, and to his credit, he wasn’t bad in this.

Who is the bad guy in Walking Tall?

Jay Hamilton is the main antagonist of the 2004 remake Walking Tall. He was portrayed by Neal McDonough, who also portrayed Damien Darhk. He’s a corrupt businessman and drug lord, who was Chris Vaughn’s best friend now turned archenemy.

Is Walking Tall with The Rock a true story?

Back in 1973, no one expected “Walking Tall” to be a hit. It was a stripped-down, ultra-violent revenge drama, based on the true story of Buford Pusser, the crusading Tennessee sheriff who defended justice swinging a serious piece of lumber.

How old is Ashley Scott?

Steeves is the guy responsible for the massive Dodge and Sheriff-green Ford pick-up seen in Walking Tall. Director, Kevin Bray, was very specific about what the main cast would drive. The Rock’s truck, which becomes the Sheriff’s truck, is a Ford 150 modified for the film.

What town was Walking Tall supposed to be in?

The new “Walking Tall” is set in Ferguson, a fictional Kitsap County town in the Washington Cascades. The movie was actually shot in mountainous parts of British Columbia.

What year was the movie Walking Tall released?

Walking Tall (TV series), a 1981 television series adaptation of the films of the same name. Walking Tall (2004 film), a remake of the 1973 film of the same name. Walking Tall: The Payback, a 2007 sequel to the 2004 film Walking Tall. Walking Tall: Lone Justice, a 2007 sequel to Walking Tall: The Payback.

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How tall is Johnny Knoxville?

6′ 1″

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