Question: Who Plays The Sheriff On Riverdale?

He is portrayed by Martin Cummins. He is the father of Kevin Keller and the re-instated sheriff of Riverdale.

Who is Martin Cummins married to?

“Riverdale” star Casey Cott had a blast filming the show’s flashback episode. And Cott says he didn’t have to study the actor who plays his father, Martin Cummins, much at all. “I feel like I’m around him enough that I kind of know how he operates,” Cott told INSIDER.

Who does Martin Cummins play on Riverdale?

Martin Cummins is a Canadian actor. He portrays Tom Keller on The CW’s Riverdale.

Is actor Martin Cummings sick?

Martin E. Cummins, age 78 of Beavercreek, OH passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at Hospice of Dayton. He is an actor and director, known for Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), We All Fall Down (2000) and When Calls the Heart (2014).

Who plays Henry Gowen?

He wasn’t sure what was next for him, but it wasn’t the “acquisition of more shiny objects.” He said it’s important to find what truly brings him comfort, and so he was leaving town to find it. With such a definitive departure, the news that he’s returning is surprising but welcome for fans.

Where is Martin Cummins from?

Casey Cott Reveals His ‘Riverdale’ Costars Will Be in His Wedding to Fiancee Nichola Basara.

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What happened to the sheriff in Riverdale?

Sheriff Minetta is a villain throughout his time on the series. His original loyalty was to Hiram, but ends up having an affair with his wife, Hermione. Hermione orders Minetta to kill Hiram, but ultimately fails. In order to cover up her own tracks, Hermione ends up shooting him and leaving him for dead.

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