Question: How Long Was Sheriff Rick In A Coma?

According to former Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson, Robert Kirkman has said that Rick was in a coma between four and five weeks [via Business Insider].

How did Rick survive so long in a coma?

Surviving that long without food and water is unlikely, especially in his state. A body can’t be without water for more than three to five days, but Rick had an IV in his arm when he woke up, so liquid was going into his body. However, the IV bag would’ve needed to be refilled at some point.

How far did Rick wake up?

Almost two months after the breakout, Rick Grimes wakes up from his coma. Remarkably, Fear takes until season three to catch up to this section of the timeline (they’re on that weird survivalist ranch when Rick’s waking up).

Was Rick in a coma the whole time?

As in, the entire show did not happen and Rick has been in a coma the entire freaking time. As out there as this may seem, it’s actually been a theory that’s been circulating for a while now, especially with comic audiences. But this turn would be especially screwed up, even for The Walking Dead.

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How long was Rick in a coma Reddit?

In the comic, I believe, Rick was in the coma for roughly one month. I don’t think it ever covers how long Shane, Lori, and Carl waited before leaving Rick. He could have only been alone for a week or a few days.

Is Rick still in a coma?

The Walking Dead series 5 Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of TWD are definitely happening,” he said.

How long was Rick away from his family?

Shortly after, Rick crashed into the house of Beth Smith, a version of his daughter who never died, who believed this Rick to be her original absent father, and inserted himself into the family. This, of course, lead to the start of the series, where Rick has supposedly returned from his 20 year long absence.

What does the doctor whisper to Rick?

Just before Rick leaves the CDC, Jenner whispers something in his ear: Everyone is infected. Whether you’re bitten or scratched by a walker or not, you will become a zombie once you die. Rick doesn’t reveal the news to the rest of the group until the Season 2 finale.

What caused the outbreak in the walking dead?

That series, based off of a popular 2013 video game, also follows a zombie outbreak and doesn’t shy away from letting fans know the outbreak was caused by a mutated fungus that overtakes its host.

Does Rick’s wife cheat on him?

On TWD, Laurie was cheating on Rick a lot longer than the zombie apocalypse. In Season 2 of The Walking Dead, Glenn and Maggie are going on a medicine run. Laurie asks them to look for a specific pill. These pills turn out to be abortion pills, and she knows the exact name of them.

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How many years have passed in the walking dead?

The following is a timeline for the TV show, explaining what happened each day. Citations are given for almost every single day; the overall timeline of 111 months (~10 Years) is not a guess, but rather a careful count of everything that we have seen in the show so far.

Is Rick dead in walking dead?

According to a laser sword-wielding Michonne, an unknown alien civilization caused the dead to come back to life and attack humans, with the survivors being turned into a slave race to harvest water the aliens used as currency.

Who was Rick’s wife in The Walking Dead?

Lori Grimes

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