Often asked: Who Played The Sheriff On The Rifleman?

Paul Fix
Born Peter Paul FixMarch 13, 1901 Dobbs Ferry, New York, U.S.
Died October 14, 1983 (aged 82) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1925–1981

How many movies was Paul Fix in with John Wayne?

In his career, Paul Fix would appear with another Western legend, John Wayne, in 26 films, starting in 1931 with Three Girls Lost (1931).

Did actor Paul Fix have a bad arm?

Paul Fix, the veteran character actor in movies and on TV, gave a memorable performance as Marshal Micah Torrance. His lawman suffered from an injured arm that had slowed his draw, and he struggled with alcohol, falling off the wagon from time to time.

Who was Paul Fix married to?

Following the war, Fix became a busy character actor, who got his start in local productions in New York. By the 1920s, he had moved to Hollywood, and performed in the first of almost 350 movie and television appearances. In the 1930s, he became friends with John Wayne.

Where is Paul Fix buried?

Total shots: 10.

How old is Paul Fix?

He formed lifelong friendships with both Connors and Fix, confirming in an interview that he continued visiting Fix until the year he passed away.

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Who was Harry Carey Jr father?

Harry Carey

Is anyone still alive from the Rifleman?

Actor Chuck Connors, the fast-shooting Lucas McCain on the long-running television series “The Rifleman,” died Tuesday of lung cancer. Connors, playing a homesteader raising a son by himself, battled villains with the aid of a rapid-firing Winchester rifle.

How tall is Paul Fix?

6′ 0″

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