Often asked: Who Is The Sheriff Of Citrus County?

Elected to office in November 2016, Sheriff Mike Prendergast became Citrus County’s 12th Sheriff. As evidenced by his tireless work ethic, Sheriff Prendergast is strongly committed to the citizens of Citrus County and to the CCSO employees who tirelessly serve to make Citrus County the safest community in Florida.

Who is Mike Prendergast?

Mike Prendergast (born 21 May 1977) is an Irish rugby union coach who started his professional career with Munster. He also played a season with both Bourgoin in France and Gloucester in England before returning for one final season with Munster.

Who has more power a sheriff or a cop?

A sheriff has the authority to enforce the law anywhere within their county. If a city or town has its own police force, the sheriff normally lets city cops deal with crimes and emergencies within that jurisdiction.

How much do sheriff deputies make in Florida?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $67,163 and as low as $20,698, the majority of Deputy Sheriff Trainee salaries currently range between $36,749 (25th percentile) to $56,180 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $62,938 annually in Florida.

How do I become a Citrus County police officer?

Contact Information

  1. High school diploma or G.E.D.
  2. Minimum age requirement is 18 years of age.
  3. U.S. citizen or resident alien.
  4. Must reside in Citrus County or an adjoining county.
  5. Discharge from the military under honorable conditions.
  6. Applicants may be required to pass a skills test based on position applied for.
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Who is higher than a sheriff?

The sheriff is the top ranking officer in the department and is almost always an elected official. The assistant sheriff or under-sheriff is the next in line of police ranks in the department, followed by division chief, captain, lieutenant, sergeant, corporal and deputy.

Is sheriff higher than police?

What is the difference between a Sheriff and a Police Chief? A Sheriff is generally (but not always) the highest, usually elected, law-enforcement officer of a county. Chiefs of Police usually are municipal employees who owe their allegiance to a city.

Does a US marshal outrank a sheriff?

Sheriffs are elected by the citizen and they maintain law and order in their county. Lately, it has been used for elevated offices, such as in military rank and civilian law enforcement. In many countries, the rank of the marshal is the highest army rank, outranking the other general officers.

Does Orange County Sheriff’s Office do fingerprinting?

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office provides public fingerprinting services by appointment only on Thursdays, excluding holidays, on the west side of the OCSO Central Operations Building located at 2500 West Colonial Drive in Orlando, Florida.

What’s the difference between sheriff and police?

The main difference is the area of jurisdiction. A sheriff’s office provides law enforcement services and/or jail services for a county or other civil subdivision of a state. A police department serves a specific municipality, city, town or village.

What is a sheriff special officer?

Sheriff’s Special Officers are aviation security specialists at John Wayne Airport, work as civil bailiffs in the County courthouses, provide security within Orange County’s five correctional facilities, maintain Sheriff’s Evidence and Property and provide security at county buildings and facilities.

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