How To Get An Incident Report From Pierce County Sheriff?

Requesting Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Records South Sound 911 is the records coordinator for the Sheriff’s Department. If you want to request Incident Reports, CAD Reports, traffic citations and/or audio recordings of 911 calls (these are kept for approximately 90 days) please visit their website.

How do I get a police report in Pierce County?

6. Where do I file a police report? Some crimes can be reported online on South Sound 911’s website by clicking on “File a Police/Sheriff Report “. If your crime does not fit the online reporting criteria, call the non-emergency number at 253-287-4455, or go in person to the South Hill Precinct, 271 John Bananola Way E.

Are police investigation reports public record?

Police reports are essentially government documents and thus part of the public record, but this does not necessarily mean that anyone can simply walk up to a precinct and ask for copies. The procedure for obtaining police reports is statutory and usually falls under the freedom of information law of each state.

Can u file a police report online?

Find the local police department’s website. You typically can find your local police department’s website by doing a quick internet search with the word “police” and the name of your city, or the city where the incident occurred. Once on the website, look for a link that will allow you to file a police report online.

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How do you report drug activity?


  1. Illegal drug trafficking: submit a Tip online or call your local DEA office.
  2. Report criminals posing as DEA Special Agents, illegal sales/distribution of drugs; suspicious online pharmacies and other drug-distribution-related crimes. 877-RxAbuse (877-792-2873)

How can I find a police report online for free?

If you’re wondering how to find a police report online for free, you’ve likely been met by a cavalcade of free public record sites, like CheckPeople and, which promise documents such as arrest records, jail and inmate records, criminal records and police reports.

How do you tell if the police are investigating you?

Signs of Being Under Investigation

  1. The police call you or come to your home.
  2. The police contact your relatives, friends, romantic partners, or co-workers.
  3. You notice police vehicles or unmarked cars near your home or business.
  4. You receive friend or connection requests on social media.

Where do I get a concealed weapons permit in Pierce County?

Any Pierce County resident or non-Washington resident may apply for a CPL — sometimes referred to as a concealed carry or concealed weapons permit — at South Sound 911’s public counter (3580 Pacific Ave., Tacoma). Non-Washington residents may apply to any agency that is convenient*.

How many deputies are in Pierce County?

As the second largest sheriff’s department in Washington State, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has 312 patrol deputies who serve a rural and urban landscape covering 1,806 square miles.

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