FAQ: Who Was The Sheriff Of Megaton Fallout Shelter?

Lucas Simms is the sheriff and mayor of Megaton in 2277.

What deadly creature lurks in the Salem Museum of Witchcraft?

What deadly creature lurks in the Salem Museum of Witchcraft? Deathclaw.

Who does Mr Burke work for?

Burke is the right-hand man of hotelier Allistair Tenpenny and a major antagonist in Fallout 3 who can be encountered just as the Lone Wanderer escapes Vault 101. He is initially found in Megaton where he presents an explosive proposition to the player.

Is DiMA Nick’s brother?

DiMA befriended their leader, Confessor Martin, and eventually gave them the base as their home. However, if the Sole Survivor encourages Nick to accept DiMA as his brother after finding the holotape of their fight, Nick will apologize to DiMA and the two will occasionally greet each other or chat when entering Acadia.

What happens if you return the deathclaw egg to its nest?

Although not noted at the time, it also adds an additional recipe for tasty deathclaw omelette. Alternatively, one can return the egg to the nest west of Parsons Creamery where a friendly deathclaw will appear and one can find a deathclaw gauntlet next to the nest.

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What was the name of Super Mutant Behemoth?

The intelligence of Institute behemoths seems to be higher than their Capital Wasteland cousins as in the specific case of Grun, a behemoth who successfully led a small army of super mutants from the Commonwealth and to The Island.

What happened to Sarah Lyons?

Sarah fought for her father’s chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel until his death. Shortly thereafter, she was killed in combat and Lyons’ Brotherhood of Steel would struggle to find an effective leader for several years until the rise of Elder Arthur Maxson.

What happens if you nuke Megaton?

Disarm Megaton’s atomic bomb If successful, the player character will get the reward and the keys to a personal Megaton house. The reward is usually 100 caps, but with the successful use of the Speech skill on Lucas (before actually disarming the bomb) the reward can be upped to 500 caps.

How do you get into Mr Burkes House?

The only way to obtain it is by hacks or cheats using the console commands or the G.E.C.K.. Although the house is labeled with red text, indicating that entering it is trespassing, there is no Karma loss for entering it and/or stealing items.

Where is Mr Burke?

He can be found sitting in a chair in Moriarty’s Saloon before the start of the quest The Power of the Atom. If the Lone Wanderer accepts the fusion pulse charge, he will go back to Tenpenny Tower once the task of re-arming the bomb is finished, and will wait for the Lone Wanderer to rendezvous with him.

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Can I become a citizen of the Republic of Dave?

The Immigration Bureau The Lone Wanderer cannot become a citizen of the Republic, but to earn the right to stay temporarily, they can first tell Dave that they are looking for asylum.

How many Deathclaws are in Old Olney?

Inhabitants. Old Olney is infested by deathclaws. There appear to be a total of 7 of them roaming the town, although the actual number will vary at times.

Who is the DJ for Galaxy News Radio?

Three Dog is the radio host, DJ, and news anchor of the Galaxy News Radio station in the Capital Wasteland in 2277, playing music that would have been heard on the radio in the years leading up to the Great War, as well as the immediate post-War era.

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