125 Court Square  P.O. Box  250  Hartville MO 65667
(417) 741-7575 or (417) 741-7576
Wright County Sheriff's Office

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Sunday 1-4pm

Must have a valid photo ID to visit.

You can not visit if you are on Probation or Parol, have been in Wright
County Jail in the last 6 months or have any active Warrants (even if they
are not extraditable).

Nothing is to brought for inmates except money orders for E-Cigs.
Everything else can be ordered from commissary.
Inmates going to DOC

Inmate property needs to picked up within 10 days after transfer to

Inmates are not allowed to take anything to DOC with them (stamps,
envelopes, etc). Arrangements for personal items can be made once
inmate arrives at DOC, for contact information click here

Phone Calls

Inmates have phones in their cells. To open an account or to add time
Securus 800-844-6591
Jailers will not pass messages.

E-Cigs are $13.00 each and can be purchased with a money order.
Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards will not be accepted
Court Date and Time, Bond, Charges

If you want information about inmates court date and time, click on the
Warrant tab on the right. The Jail staff does not know when the inmate
will see the judge and will not disclose the charges over the phone.
For Fire and EMS call 911